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When the AC system in your car works as intended, you can stay comfortable on all your travels, especially as the weather heats up. To avoid getting caught in hot temps without working AC, you need to come into our Washington, IN, auto repair shop regularly for inspections, recharges, and repair services. At every visit, we’ll look over all the parts in the system, see if the vents blow cold, and, if needed, let you know our auto air conditioning repair recommendations.

Keep Your AC Blowing Cold with a Performance Check

As your leading auto air conditioning repair shop in Washington, IN, we can perform a performance check and recharge to keep your AC blowing cold. We’ll inspect all the components during this checkup to check for part failure, leaks, and other significant issues.

Our techs will also verify that your AC system has enough refrigerant and recharge it as needed to keep it full if all is well there. Through this process, we’ll make sure that your air conditioning will keep the cabin at a cozy temp on all your travels.

Common Auto Air Conditioning Repair Services

If your auto air conditioning system does not blow cold, your mechanic will need to perform vital diagnostic steps to look for common problems, like:

  • Compressor failure
  • Dead cooling fans
  • Restrictions or holes in the condenser
  • Leaks in the AC hoses and other parts
  • Bad pressure switches
  • Clogged cabin air filter
  • Stuck blend door

Once our techs diagnose the issue in full, they will let you know their repair recommendations so that you can make well-informed car care decisions.

When you get your auto air conditioning repair done at our shop, you can trust that we only use proven diagnostic practices and state-of-the-art equipment to do the work. Beyond that, we’re also dedicated to using the highest quality of parts and the correct refrigerant for every application.

AC Leak Detection, Diagnosis, and Repair

Whenever your refrigerant levels are unexpectedly low, your tech will check for leaks before filling up the system. Otherwise, the refrigerant would just leak out again, costing you more money in the long run.

To avoid that, they can put fluorescent dye in the system to see if it’s leaking anywhere. Once our techs spot the leak using their UV light, your mechanic can determine which parts to replace to seal up the system once again.

After replacing the broken lines or other parts causing the leak, our team will recharge the AC and test the system. After, we’ll return the car to your care to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Need Auto Air Conditioning Repair in Washington, IN? Call Today

If you’d like to keep your AC working right, schedule a visit at our shop for auto air conditioning repair in Washington, IN. Our team at Rhoads Automotive is always available at (812) 642-5020 to help you find a great time to drop by. We can also arrange for our pick-up and drop-off service if that’s more convenient for you. Please let us know how we can help you make the most of our auto repair experience, and we’ll do all we can to exceed your every expectation.