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As your only contact with the ground, the tires on your car need to remain in great shape to ensure your safe travels. Beyond that, they must be in proper alignment with your suspension geometry and each other, or significant issues could arise. Thankfully, our team at Rhoads Automotive is here to help. When you come to us for tires & alignments in Washington, IN, you can rest assured that your car is always getting the highest quality of care.

Tire Repairs, Rotations, and Other Services

Our Washington IN auto repair team can handle all the tire services your car needs through the years. For example, if your tire gets a puncture from a nail, we can perform tire repairs to restore its integrity and get you back on the road fast.

Our other tire services include:

We’re also here to rotate your tires with every oil change to keep them wearing evenly. By getting that service done often enough, you can extend the life of your tires and avoid having to replace them prematurely.

We Carry All Major Tire Brands

Whether you want to replace your worn tires or upgrade to high-performance rubber, you can count on our shop to offer all the major brands of tires, including:











After you buy tires, your tech will remove the old rubber from your rims, put on the new tires, and balance them using our state-of-the-art tire machine. Then, they will mount them on your car and go on a quick test drive to confirm your ride quality meets their expectations.

Protect Your Tires and Ride Quality with Wheel Alignments

If you want your tires to wear evenly and withstand the test of time, you must make wheel alignment services a top priority. Depending on your vehicle year, make, and model, regular tire alignments allow techs to adjust the toe, caster, and camber at each corner. With that move, they help keep your wheels tracking the road properly to reduce the risk of excessive wear, drivability issues, and poor ride quality.

The ideal interval for tire alignments depends on your vehicle and tire type, driving habits, and other vital factors. Your mechanic can let you know how often to come in for this service upon learning more about you and your car.

You can then bring your car into our Washington, IN auto repair shop—or request our convenient pick-up and drop-off service—on the given schedule. At each visit, we will perform an inspection, adjust your alignment, and complete a test drive before returning the car to your care.

Need Auto Repair in Washington, IN? Call Rhoads Automotive Today

No matter what services your car needs, let us get it Rhoads ready. We’re always available at (812) 642-5020 to take your call and help you find a good time to come down for auto repair in Washington, IN. We look forward to helping you keep your car running and driving its best through the years. So, please feel free to reach out anytime to get all the proper maintenance and repair services any time.