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Vehicle diagnostics in Washington, IN, are essential for recommending the proper auto repairs for your car. Only through the use of factory scan tools, oscilloscopes, and other diagnostic equipment can techs figure out the cause of your car troubles, after all. So, when your check engine light comes on, or your car fails to operate as expected, you need to schedule a visit at Rhoads Automotive for vehicle testing services.

Our Commitment to Providing Accurate Repair Recommendations

Our technicians always want to do the job right the first time around. To do that, they must first use their vehicle diagnostic skills to track down the issue and figure out which parts are to blame.

Then, they can let you know their accurate repair recommendations, so you can authorize the work with confidence they are on the right track. If you’d like to move forward with the repairs, you can trust that we always use the highest quality parts and the correct factory-recommended fluids.

By making a precise diagnosis before completing repairs, your mechanic can fully resolve the problem at hand without any missteps along the way. With that move, they can help you get safely back on the road as soon as possible.

Diagnosis of Your Check Engine Light and Other Dashboard Lights

When your check engine light or other dashboard warning lights start shining brightly, you undoubtedly have a problem on your hands. To figure out what’s going on, you need to come down for vehicle diagnostics in Washington, IN.

Our techs can hook your car up to a factory scan tool and talk with the computer to determine what codes it’s throwing. From there, they must perform other diagnostic steps using their expertise and specialty tools to find the exact cause of the light coming on.

Once your mechanic identifies just why your check engine light or other dashboard lights came on, they can offer their repair recommendations. Using that info, you can decide just how to proceed in the care and upkeep of your car.

Performance, Drivability, and Ride Quality Diagnostics

When performance, drivability, and ride quality issues arise, piloting your car around town might feel like a chore. Beyond that, significant problems can impact the safety of your vehicle, putting you at risk of getting in a collision.

To avoid those issues, you can come to our shop for vehicle testing and diagnostics in Washington, IN, whenever your car stops driving right. Our techs will perform a road test, full digital vehicle inspection, and other diagnostic procedures to see what your car needs.

Upon completing the necessary repairs, we’ll restore your car to its full potential. You can then enjoy your car’s full power and excellent handling characteristics through all your travels.

Need Vehicle Diagnostics in Washington, IN? Call Today

If you need vehicle diagnostics in Washington, IN, simply reach out to our team at Rhoads Automotive with a call to (812) 642-5020. We’ll help you find a great time to swing by or help you arrange pick-up and drop-off services. Either way, our auto repair team looks forward to figuring out the cause of your vehicle troubles and completing the proper repairs. So, please feel free to give us a call whenever your check engine light comes on, or your car starts acting up.